What We Do

We provide the IT services that the University of Ghana requires to fulfil its mission to be a world-class centre for research and teaching. As well as the core IT systems, tools and services that keep the University running day-to-day, we provide innovative services and projects to support learning, teaching and research. Our work is wide-ranging and diverse – explore what we do in the sections below.

IT Security

We Coordinate the development and maintenance of the University’s Information Security Policy.

Administrative Computing (ERP Support)

Management of institutional database (students data, academic records, staff records, financial data) etc.

Academic Computing (Library Systems)

We support the university library management system and institutional repository.

E-Learning Solutions & Multimedia Content Development

We provide support to the Learning Management System (LMS) and Plagiarism Checker (Turnitin).

IT Training & Laboratory Facilities

We provide special ICT Training in various application packages for the general public and lab facility rentals.

Engineering & Web Services

Application development and website development and management solutions.

Assistive Technology Solutions

Special lab and equipment support for persons with special needs.

Systems & Network

Design and provision of network connectivity and infrastructure as a service.

Telecom & Power

Provisioning of the university intercom, direct telecom lines and providing power to the data centre and ICT nodes.

Audit, Risk & Compliance

Ensure IT resources are used prudently and IT services are delivered at an economic value, and adherence to IT policies.

IT Governance

Provide leadership in formulating & implementing IT strategy in line with the university's strategy.

Service Desk & End User Support

The first line of support for customers. We assess problems from clients and make appropriate referrals.

Planning & Project Management

We assist in planning the scope, resource management and risk analysis of IT projects.