National Service at UGCS



The University of Ghana Computing Systems is seeking to recruit final-year students to serve as National Service Personnel for the 2024/2025 academic year. The successful candidates will assist with various functions ranging from IT services and administration support, among others.

All final-year Tertiary students, who wish to apply should indicate the following:

  1. Application Letter
  2. Current transcript or academic record.
  3. Current curriculum vitae.  
  4. A clear scanned copy of Student ID card  
  5. Course of Study
  6. UGCS Department of Interest

Applicants should select 3 Units (area of interest) from the list below in order of preference.

  • Academic Computing Unit -- Library Systems & Facility Management, Educational Technology etc.
  • UGCS Admin - Day-to-day management of UGCS and Administrative functions etc.
  • Administrative Computing Unit -- Institutional ERP, support for processing of students’ data etc.
  • Assistive Technology Unit – IT assistance for students with special needs and assistive lab.
  • E-Learning Unit -- Maintenance of Sakai LMS, development of instructional material.
  • End User support Unit – User Advisory, UGCS Lab management, 1st level user support etc.
  • Hardware Unit -- IT Equipment Installation, Repair & Upgrade Service, Data Recovery Services etc.
  • IT service Engineering Unit – provision and maintenance of Web, Intranet and Mobile Applications.
  • Networking Unit -- LAN and WiFi Management, Internet Service, Network monitoring etc.
  • Systems Unit -- Server Management, Hosting services, Active Directory, User Authentication etc.
  • Telecoms and Electricals Unit – Fixed Lines Services, IP Phones, Back-Up Power etc.
  • Training and Learning Support Unit – IT training services and instructional technology support etc.
  • IT Security & Planning Unit – Identify, prevent and recover from cyber and information security threats, governance, risk and control management, IT Planning etc. 
  • Instructional Design Unit – Train and assist Faculty to use LMS and to design, customize, produce and update multimedia course materials and resources etc.
  • Multimedia Unit – Provide multimedia coverage (graphic, audio, music, video, photo and animation) of UG lectures, seminars and events.


Applicants should be Computer literate, possess advanced IT problem-solving skills if applying to non-administrative units and be:

· Able to graduate with at least a Second Class Honours.

· Ready to work in a challenging environment

· Able to work with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds

· A team player with good social and communication skills

· Well groomed

· Ready to begin National Service at an earlier period

· Willing to work extra hours and on weekends (When required)


Interested applicants should kindly use the link below to fill in the application form and submit the required documents.

Click here to access the application form

Please note that the application deadline will be strictly observed and only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Selected applicants will be required to submit both NSS PINS and NSS Numbers when the National Service Secretariat releases them to all prospective NSS personnel.


Deadline for submission of application: Sunday, 30th June 2024