Office of the CITO

Lucas Yikimpa Chigabatia

Lucas Yikimpa Chigabatia is the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) of the University of Ghana. Lucas arrived at the University of Ghana in August 2013 to provide the leadership required to advance the university’s strategic goals through sound information technology investments. In his role as CITO, he is pursuing strategies to drive ICT enabled teaching, learning and research in the University of Ghana, and to bring delivery of IT services closer to end users by leveraging existing technologies.

Francis Kwabena Boachie
Francis Kwabena Boachie

Francis Kwabena Boachie is the Deputy Chief IT Officer for University of Ghana Computing Systems and reports directly to the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO). He has responsibility for all the major key IT infrastructure spanning the design, installation setup and maintenance of the same within the University. He is a Chartered Engineer and attends the Vice Chancellor’s meeting of Directors/Deputy Directors as well as other major University’s committee meetings.