Telecoms and Electricals Unit

This is an introduction to UGCS Service Desk. This is an introduction to UGCS service desk

ISDN Service

For Enterprise Voice & Data Communication. Vodafone ISDN Box

Fixed Lines Service

Plain Old Telephony for Voice Calls. Vodafone POTS Service.

VOIP Services

IP telephony Service. Asterisk IP PBX.

Provisioning of IP Phone Handsets

IP Phone configuration & Installation. IP Phone Handsets/ Devices.

Provision of IP Phone Numbers

Assigning IP phone numbers to staff & Faculty. UG Staff and Faculty are assigned 4 digit IP Phone numbers.

Maintenance of Back-Up Power at UGCS Network Nodes

To ensure un-interruptible network services Campus-wide. Telecom and Electricals unit maintain inverter power systems at UGCS Network nodes for business continuity during commercial power outages