IT Security

IT Security is charged with protecting the University's networks from malicious computer attacks, service interruptions, and network harassment. As such, IT Security works to: identify, contain, and when possible, prevent the propagation of malicious network traffic that impacts the campus network; educate, consult with, and provide tools for University IT staff to assist them with protecting their information assets and staff;provide investigative services at the request of University. Additionally, IT Security assists with ensuring that information-related laws, regulations, and policies are adhered to in a consistent manner. For IT security awareness guidelines and safe computing information, please visit our Safe Computing web page. 

How to Request Service: 
Contact Service Desk
Faculty, Staff, Students
24x7 except during maintenance periods
Support Email: 
Support Phone Number: 
IP Phone: 3000
Landline: 0302-213-820 ext 3000 or 0302-213-850 ext 3000