Assistive Technology Solutions

The Assistive Technology Solutions (ATS), located on the Lower Level of the University of Ghana Computing Systems, offers instruction, training, and support for assistive technology tools to any member of the University community.  The ATS provides a workspace and access to specialized software, equipment, and tools for individuals with a disability. 

Resources and Tools

Provides a detailed list of assistive resources and software available for use. Access to screen reading software, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, text enlargers, and other assistive hardware and software. dev’t

Accessibility Resources

Review a collection of accessibility resources for webpages and web design, multimedia, electronic documents, electronic instructional materials, and classroom delivery considerations.


We offer workshops, info-sessions, and events to help make teaching and learning more accessible. If you or your department are interested in a specific topic related to assistive technologies, we can develop and teach a tailored workshop.


University of Ghana Assistive Technology Solutions

Disability Services promotes the empowerment of people with disabilities and their full integration into campus life and the community. Services are provided for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities, so that they may successfully learn and work at the University of Ghana



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