Academic Computing

This is an introduction to UGCS Service Desk. This is an introduction to UGCS Service Desk.

Library Systems

Design, adapt, promote, and implement industry best practices for library systems. Management of Sierra Library System (Circulation, Cataloguing, Acquisitions, Online Access Public Catalogue (OPAC), Reports), Ask-a-Librarian Service

Facility Management

Coordinating space usage and maintaining all IT Lab facilities. Support the academic and research functions of the University, while balancing financial and technical constraints.

Research Support

Provision of support to the University Community and setting up Research Tools and platforms. Implementation of research support systems, granting of access and usage training on Research Guides, Off-Campus Facility and E-Resources.

Institutional Repository

The creation of platforms to facilitate the deposit of digital content of a scholarly or heritage nature to ultimately share, preserve and promote the intellectual output of the University in a managed environment. Training, consultancy, Awareness creation, policy formulation and development of infrastructure.

Educational Technology

Promoting the use and support of innovation and effective uses of educational technology. Lead task force and committees dealing with the IT needs of the University as they relate to academic functions. Monitor academic technology developments and trends at other leading institutions and advise management appropriately


To reduce handling and use of Research Materials thereby creating Virtual Collections and increase access to documents. Scanning support, Consultancy, Training, sensitisation and development of work flows.