Lucas Yikimpa Chigabatia

Lucas Yikimpa Chigabatia is the Chief Information Technology Officer (CITO) of the University of Ghana. Lucas arrived at the University of Ghana in August 2013 to provide the leadership required to advance the university’s strategic goals through sound information technology investments. In his role as CITO, he is pursuing strategies to drive ICT enabled teaching, learning and research in the University of Ghana, and to bring delivery of IT services closer to end users by leveraging existing technologies.

Before joining the University of Ghana, Lucas was the Knowledge and Information Technology Manager (KITM) of AngloGold Ashanti’s Continental Africa Region. In this role, he provided technology vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology (IT) initiatives often in the business’ remote and challenging operational areas in Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Tanzania, the DRC and Namibia. He was in this role for 6 years and led a virtual team IT professionals in delivering innovative IT solutions which helped improve cost effectiveness and business development during very challenging times in the constantly changing and competitive mining industry.

He began his career at Unilever Ghana Limited as the Information Technology Manager for the Lever Brothers Division and quickly established a reputation for getting things done. Between 1994 and 1996 he was the team lead for the implementation of the computerized financial systems in all subsidiaries of the company in Ghana. He was also a key member of the Systems Management and Redesign Team (SMART) which reviewed and redesigned the business processes of the company. Lucas has had a long and rich experience in consultancy. He joined the consultancy firm Conseil Gestion Assistance (CGA) in 1998 and consulted widely for organizations locally and internationally rising to become the Technical Director, Advisory Services with responsibility for Business Process Optimization and Computerized Financial Systems.

He joined Ashanti Goldfields Limited as the Databases and Applications Manager in October 2000, a position he held till 2004. Between 2004 and 2006, he was the manager in charge of Information Technology operations for AngloGold Ashanti West Africa Region, and became the Information Technology Manager responsible for the Africa Open Pit Mines of the same company between 2006 and 2008.

Mr. Chigabatia was awarded an MBA (Finance) Degree from the University of Ghana Business School 1n 1999. He obtained a Master of Science (MSc.) Engineering Degree with specialization in Automated Systems from the Kharkov Institute of Engineering and Economics and a Certificate in Management Practice and Transformational Leadership from the University of Cape Town, South in 2007. He is a certified IT Business Manager and a member of the Project Management Institute PMI.